The background for HIKEBEAM and BELTLAMP

A norwegian optometrist wanted a better lamp solution for his walk in the evenings. He felt headlamp uncomfortable and keeping a torch in the hand was not a good solution either.

In 2014 he got the idea for a new kind of beltlamp with a totally new and unique design, presented on this site.

The company BELTLAMP AS was established by the end of 2017 (AS is equal to Ltd.). Through several years of development and testing in secrecy, HIKEBEAM® was ready for production and sale in 2020.

The company BELTLAMP AS was established in 2017

HIKEBEAM® has become a reality in cooperation with industry designer Terje Skogmo and the staff by Pavels Innovation AS in Porsgrunn, Norway. A team of inventer, shearholders, different companies and people has made it possible that a totally unique and new lamp from Beltlamp AS could be ready for production and sale in 2020.

We believe that both the company and the new kind of beltlamp will contribute to something positive in many ways, primarily by many satisfied users. We can not point at any long history – but we believe that the new kind of lamp and the company Beltlamp AS (AS is equal to Ltd.) will have a long future and create a history that very many people will be a part of. Also you – when using HIKEBEAM®.

For all who needs light in darkness.

(AS is equivalent to Ltd.)

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