Advantages with Hikebeam by Beltlamp


makes it much easier to see stones, roots and other details in the terrain, optimizing safety as well as your walking comfort.

Stronger light

from the feet onwards, because the lamp is closer to the ground. It also has a reflecting “shade” that creates unique lighting effect.

No blinding

because of the shade. It will normally keep you from blinding your fellow walkers. By adjusting the shade you can also avoid blinding those you encounter.

Less disturbance

caused by mist, fog, rain, snow and breath from yourself or others. An incredible difference! Colors are more well-defined.

Comfortable to wear

No feeling of weight or pressure on the head. No problem using cap, hat, hood, helmet, turban, hijab etc. In the belt the lamp feels weightless.


Possibility for “Widebeam™”, 180° lighting to the sides. Ideal for walking, working, running etc..

Easy to take on and off

Fits easily on almost any ordinary belt. We recommend you use a suitably tight belt, worn just above the waist.

Won't spoil your hairdo

Comfortable to use, for men and women alike. The Hikebeam beltlamp will never spoil your hairdo.


No sweaty hair or dirty “hairband”. This lamp can be shared with others.


Can be put on any surface as a spotlight for work, to light up a tent etc. Can also hang on a cord or branch.


Easy to adjust brightness and angle to the terrain. You avoid having to use your neck to adjust the beam.


With Hikebeam beltlamp, insects will not be attracted to your face.


You can shield yourself from wind, rain or snow, and still have wonderful lighting ahead of you.


The rechargeable built-in battery has limited performance, but a high-capcity external powerbank can be connected.

A better life in the dark

Hikebeam will make outdor life in the dark much more pleasurable. Just try it yourself, and let others try it, too!