Complaints / Warranty



If you have a problem with a product purchased through our online store, contact us by E-mail at We will get back to you as quickly as possible to clear up the problem and work with you to find a satisfactory solution.

Our guarantee covers product defects pursuant to the rules of the country in which the product was purchased. Always keep your receipt! This will show where and when the product was purchased. Our guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear during intended use. All use is at your own risk.

Be sure to avoid water or other liquids entering the lamp at the connection points on the lamp or the battery. The lamp is not designed for submersion in water. However, when used correctly, it can withstand normal weather conditions (IPX4). The plug for the connection point must be tightly sealed or the cable must be connected, with the protective cap correctly placed over the connection point so that it locks in the cable and protects against moisture. (Note: The opening on the protective cap must point downwards, to protect against rainfall.)

The warranty does not apply in the event of carelessness or water/liquid accidentally pentrating the lamp — for example if the lamp or battery should come under water due to a fall or some other mishap. Nor does the warranty cover damage or consequential damage in the event of an accident or unintended use. The lamp is to be charged with the powerbank from Beltlamp AS. Powerbank may be charged in the usual manner. Fast chargers or other equipment that could subject the lamp to stress it is not designed to withstand are not covered by our warranty liability.

Our guarantee covers only product defects. This may mean that you can exchange the product with a new one or equivalent product, or that the defect can be repaired by us.

Complaints will be handled only when you have a receipt that shows when and where the product was purchased. Our two-year guarantee applies if it is shown that there is an inherent defect in the product. You must take this up with us as soon as possible, and no later than one month after the defect is discovered. Contact us at

If the product was purchased from a dealer, you must contact them when lodging a complaint. Here, too, you must produce a receipt that shows when and where the product was purchased.

You have a five-year right to make a complaint, and we will always do our best to ensure that you have a useful, working lamp.

We hope that you have many years of enjoyment from your lamp.