A norwegian optometrist wanted a better lamp for his evening walks. For him, headlamps were uncomfortable, and a hand-held torch was not a good solution, either.

He found an easy way to fasten a lamp to a belt, and then discovered there were other advantages as well. The result was almost magic! Stronger illumination of the ground, a 3D-effect and other advantages made it clear that this was something worth sharing with others.

It became even better with a “shade” that prevents others from being blinded. At the same time it also reflects more light downwards. This increases the light-intensity, also in the area close to you. It makes it much easier to see obstacles in your path and other details in the terrain. With this lamp there is also less or no disturbance from mist, breath, rain or snow in front of you. It has Widebeam™, 180° lighting to the sides. You even can put it as a spotlight or hang it on a string, just to mention some of the advantages.

How to use HIKEBEAM

Hikebeam 400 is a unique beltlamp. It can easily be attached directly over any regular belt buckle, or the belt buckle on a rucksack. It can easily be adjusted – upwards and downwards – according to the terrain, or however you wish. The best solution is to attach it to a separate belt, suitably tight, a little above the hips, outside other clothing, or on the skin in tropical conditions. When fastened there, you are free to carry things, work and bend down with ease. In fact, that is the best place to fasten a lamp – without any discomfort. The whole area around you will be illuminated in an amazing way. The internal battery has limited duration, but the external powerbank will provide excellent illumination for long time. This can be fastened to the belt, or you can put it in a pocket or a sack. You can also purchase spare powerbanks.

CLICK: The lamp in a belt.

CLICK: The lamp in a belt with battery.

The lamp can stand alone on the floor, a table, the ground og in a tent as a static spotlight when working. It can even be hung over a branch or a string.

CLICK: The lamp static.

CLICK: “Widebeam™”, 180°.

Facts about Hikebeam 400

Hikebeam 400 has a mainlamp of max. 400 lumens and two sidelamps, each max. 100 lumens (Widebeam™).

The switch has 7 levels:

  1. Main lamp weak
  2. Main lamp, medium
  3. Main lamp 400 lumen, max
  4. Main lamp medium, plus “Widebeam™” 180° side lamps.
  5. Main lamp weak, plus Widebeam™” 180° side lamps.
  6. Weakest, “Widebeam™” 180°, side lamps only.
  7.  Off. You can also turn off the lamp by pressing the switch for 2 – 3 sec.

IPX4, withstands any weathercondition when the cover seals tightly or the charging plug is connected correctly, and shielded with the protective cap.


Norwegian invention and design. Made in China.

The design of the new Hikebeam® lamp is protected. The word HIKEBEAM® is trademarked, and our logo as well – in much of the world. All rights belong to the norwegian company Beltlamp AS.

Download pdf here.


Hikebeam 400 has an internal battery of 960 mAh. With the main beam at full strength, it lasts for about 1 hour. At half strength and with sidelights, it will last about as long. The main lamp alone, at medium strength will last more than twice as long. At the lowest strength, the battery duration is more than 6 hours.

There also is included an external powerbank of 5000 mAh, which works as an extra battery. You can put it in a pouch on the belt or you can have it in a pocket or rugsack, connected to the lamp. With the main beam at full strength and with both batteries together, you will have bright illumination for 6 hours. (Both batteries can be recharged in 3-4 hours.) Use the original cable only and the protection cap. That will ensure water-resistant connection to the lamp. Either the plug must be well connected to the  lamp and properly protected, or the cover over the opening must be tight.  The diodes on the powerbank will light up while charging, and also when the lamp is drawing power from it. When fully charged there is no light from the blue diode. If you then light the lamp, it will empty the internal battery only. By pressing the knob on the side of the powerbank right before you turn on the lamp, it will draw power from the powerbank when you turn it on. After about 5 hours use at full strength, the powerbank will be empty. If you have a spare battery, you then should change it. If not, there anyway is power for an hour more in the internal battery.

With care and carefulness you can avoid humidity entering the lamp and the battery. Then it will serve you well for long time. You will void the warranty if you use an unoriginal powerbank or cable. Always use cables and batteries from Beltlamp. When sealed with the cover or with the charging plug correctly connected and shielded by the protective cap, the lamp is well protected against humidity. All use of the lamp is at your own risk, also including damage due to humidity. The external battery can be charged from another powerbank or a PC etc. For long walks you can take along spare batteries. In temperatures below O° C, batteries will have reduced effect. You can buy spare batteries with 10.000 mAh, also suited for temperatures below -20°C.

Over time the ability of any battery to hold a charge will be reduced. Nevertheless, you should enjoy good battery capacity for long time. (Technical facts, click here.)

Useful information:

When the external battery is connected, you normally will be drawing power from this when the lamp is on. Also when the lamp is off, the internal battery will be charged. A blue diode then will light up, and turns off when the internal battery is full.

Your Hikebeam® may become slightly warm on the surface, especially when at full strength. This is normal. Avoid covering the lamp with bedding, clothes etc. if being used in a tent or indoors.

The light will turn off suddenly when there is no more power. But you can switch it on again – at lower strength, and still have light for a while. Advice for long time use: With both batteries activated, the lamp will work about 6 hours on full strength. We recommend changing the external battery when this is empty, after about 5 hours (with full strength). This will extend the spare capacity og your internal battery. The diodes on the powerbank shows the remaining charge. Press the button on the side of the powerbank to check this, or to activate the charging connection to the lamp (check the connections if necessary). The diodes will light up when the lamp is drawing power from it, until the powerbank is empty (after about 5 hours of use on maximum strengt. For longer walks it´s time to change the powerbank.

Avoid water/fluid entering the lamp or battery through the connection points. But if this should happen, shake the water out and let the lamp (or battery) dry out for some time. Our warranty does not cover water damage due to carelessness/accidents with water/liquid that penetrate the connection-points, either on the lamp or on the powerbank. HIKEBEAM® is designed to withstand most of adverse weather conditions, when used correctly. We feel confident that you will enjoy a unique beltlamp for long time to come.

Remember to recharge the batteries after use, so that it will be ready for future use. For longer walks, remember to allow for sufficient battery capacity. A spare cable should also prove useful.