Frequently asked questions

Is the information on www.beltlamp.com about Hikebeam true?

Yes. Everybody can get this verified by holding their own lamp at the forehead and let it illuminate the terrain ahead, and thereafter move it down to the belt level and let it illuminate the terrain from that position. Do it several times, and see the difference! Test it on an uneven ground, and by mist/fog or precipitation. Hikebeam gives an even better effect.

Are the pictures of the differences edited?

No. They are taken without any changes or adjustments. What mostly makes the difference is that this lamp is at belt level instead of at the forehead. What the pictures tells, you can test by yourself with any lamp on a bit rough ground, by holding it at the forehead, and then at the belt level and compare. Hikebeam is even better, with more possibilities and advantages! The difference can be compared with the difference between high beam an low beam on a car in mist and fog. Hikebeam is enlighting the ground only, not the fog, rain or snow in front of the eyes. This makes a great difference!

But isn't headlamp better?

Yes – if you really like to have an uncomfortable pressure against the head from a lamp you feel has some weight, that easily slide out of position and makes it diffcult to wear a cap, hood or other clothing on the head. And if you prefer to have a lamp that illuminate mist and fog, rain, snow and breath in front of your eyes – making it difficult to see by such conditions (compare holding your lamp at the belt level!). And if you find it better to have a lamp that easily makes you stumble because you don´t see the details in the terrain well, and if you like to move just a spot of light around with the neck to change from distance to near. And if you find it pleasant to blind others and become blinded by the headlamp of others. And if it is fine to you with sweat headbands and you find it nice to attract insects to your face. And if you can´t bear the thought of a lamp that does not ruin your hairdo, and a lamp that you can put as a spotlight or a soft lightsource inside a tent or a cabine, without blinding you – and also gives you flexibility on battery capasity. If you really prefer the disadvantages with headlamps and do not want something better – then headlamp is the best solution!

Why does Hikebeam give stronger light-effect than headlamp?

Because the lamp is closer to the ground, and it also has a reflecting shade, enhancing the lighting in the whole area close to you. It also has Widebeam™ as an unique effect with illumination 180° to the sides. The light that normally shines upwards and is of no use on normal lamps, is instead is reflected down to the ground. Because of this you also cease blinding others, and at the same time you are much less disturbed by mist, fog, breath, snow, rain etc. And you will on top of that get a fantastic 3D-effect in the terrain! It also has a Widebeam™ 180° lighting as a unique effect.

Why is the lighting from Hikebeam better than from a torch you hold in the hand?

With a torch you get the light mostly on one side, and the light is jumpy and disturbing. With Hikebeam in a belt you have the hands free, and you get continuous lighting in the whole area close to you and onwards, with 3D-effect, and without blinding others.

Why fasten a lamp in a belt?

Because a point a little above the waist is the very best place to have a lamp! The lamp then comes closer to the ground and gives a continous lighting in the whole area close to you, with 3D-effect and without disturbances from fog, rain, snow or breath. Just test to hold a lamp there! There is no discomfort, compared with a “belt” around the head, and it feels like the lamp has no weight at all. If you put the belt a little higher on the belly, you can easier hold things and bend down and are free to use the pockets in a jacket etc.

What about people who are used to think that nothing is better than a headlamp?

They probably have not tried the new Hikebeam® from Beltlamp AS yet.

Many people have experienced that headlamps gives an uncomfortable pressure against the head, and it often is a problem when you try to wear a cap, hood, helmet etc. A headlamp also easily is slipping from the wanted position, and you have to use the neck to move a spot of light around you. Fog, mist, snow, rain and breath in front of the eyes gives disturbances and reduces sight when using headlamp. Hikebeam solve all those problems! It is like a miracle! Everybody can test by themselves, with any lamp, the difference with the lamp at the belt level instead of at the forehead.

Is it true that with Hikebeam you have continous lighting from the feet onwards?

Yes – continuous lighting with 3D-effect and without blinding people you are together with or meet, and without disturbance from snow, mist, breath etc. Everybody who try it, with any lamp, can get an impression of the difference it makes!

Is it not uncomfortable to wear a separate belt on the body?

No, just try! A separate belt a little above the waist is recommended. Then you don´t feel any weight from the lamp at all. Often you can put the lamp in a belt you already have, on a sack, a uniform or a belt for tools etc.

Why has this kind of lamp not come into the market already?

We wonder, as well! Exactly the same question can be asked for many inventions. For hundreds and thousands of years people has been carrying suitcases etc. But in our time some people got the idea to put wheels on them, and on garbage bins as well. An invention from the stoneage was reinvented in our days! Lamps of all kinds has been made for centuries. Very few has discovered that they give the best effect from the belt level. Why? We have no answer to that.

Can Hikebeam be used for running?

Many people will find it favorable also for running, even if it primarily has been developed for hiking. There may be individual differences. It is a great advantage to lighten the whole area around you! Then you can see where you put the feet. And you have no discomfort by having something attached to the head, and less disturbance from mist etc. We will recommend step 4 with Widebeam™ for running. This also is the best when walking in steep tracks, and in fog, snow etc.

Is it true that you can put Hikebeam on the ground as a spotlight?

Yes, absolutely! It is a superb advantage. It can as well be hung in a string etc.

Can any powerbank be used for the Hikebeam lamp?

We recommend and guarantee for use of the original powerbank only, and can not cover any risk by using other sources. You can have several Hikebeam-powerbanks and change, if you need the lamp for very long time. You then can charge our powerbanks from an other USB powersource, PC etc. as you want.

Can you have more than one powerbank attached at a time?

No. We recommend just one powerbank connected at a time. We guarantee for use of the original powerbank only.

Where can the Hikebeam lamp be bought?

It is now for sale in Norway in our online store on this site. It is distributed from our storage in Oslo/Norway. It will in short time also be ready for sale in most of Europe.

Updated information will be given on our website, SHOPS. We hope that soon the Hikebeam lamp from Beltlamp will be sold in many countries, also in shops. We look for companies to be connected to. Tell your dealer of outdoor-gear about Hikebeam from Beltlamp! Tell about it to people you know, also in other countries. Hopefully you will soon find it in a store near you! Still very few knows about this product. Please, tell your friends about this lamp and about www.beltlamp.com

How can it become possible to buy Hikebeam where you buy your outdoor-gear?

Tell them about Hikebeam by Beltlamp! Ask them to visit www.beltlamp.com

Ask them to order Hikebeam® by Beltlamp AS! All information they need is found on this site. Soon it also will be possible to buy it from our webshop on this site.

Where to go in case of reclamation?

Just contact the company you bought your Hikebeam from. Keep the bill, that tells where and when you bought it. You can find more info on this site.

Is it really true that you can avoid blinding others with Hikebeam?

Yes. Normally you will avoid it. But small children walking with taller people can still be blinded. By adjusting the lamp, you can avoid that children or people you meet become blinded. If children walks right beside you, they can avoid blinding and also share the wonderful lighting from you. Remember to be considerate! It also i easy to avoid blinding of animals like horse and cow, and by tilting you can also be considerate to other animals as well. We know no other lamp with this possibility.

Are there any disadvantages with Hikebeam?

When used correctly, you almost always will find advantages only. On this website there is much information on that.

By some kind of work or activity it is better to have the belt fastened a bit higher on the body. With some flexible adjustments we believe it is rear that you will not find great advantages when using Hikebeam.

How long is the endurance of the batteries?

With max light-strength on the mainbeam (400 lumen), the inside battery lasts about 1 hour. With the mainbeam on the lower level it lasts about the doble, and about 6 hours with the weakest power on the mainbeam. With the external powerbank added, on full strength, it will last about 6 hours, and with the weakest strength about 30 hours. The strongest level with Widebeam™ also lasts about an hour, and six hours with external battery connected.

Advice for longer trips: Change the external battery when this is empty after about 5 hours (when full strength). Then the internal battery have a spare hour.

With the side lamps alone on weakest level, there is power for about 8 hours with the internal battery, and about 40 hours with the powerbank connected.

How long time is needed to charge the batteries?

Charging the powerbank from empty to full takes about 4 hours. Charging the internal battery in the lamp takes about 2 hours.

Is Hikebeam waterproof?

The lamp is not supposed to get drowned in water. It has IPX4 with correct use: With the cover properly in place at the connection point, or with the original plug put inserted and the protective cap correctly in place with the opening down, it is water-resistant in all normal conditions. With carefulness and correct use, you can avoid water or any liquid into the connection point on both the lamp and the powerbank. You can put the powerbank in the pouch, fastened to the belt. This will also bear most conditions, when correctly used, in a normal upright position. The warranty does not cover wrong use. One doesn´t take a car through a washing machine with open windows, and afterwards says that the car is leaking. With correct use Hikebeam can bear what you meet of weather conditions. We can guarantee that!

What is the weight?

The lamp itself weighs 220 g. With battery and belt, about 350 g. A difference from headlamp is that when the lamp is attached to the belt, you simply do not feel any weight. It is very comfortable to use it, and you get a stunning lighting with many more other advantages as well.

Are Hikebeam for people of any age?

Children and all others who can walk on their feet can use Hikebeam. The belt is flexible and can be fitted for any size. You can use any kind of usual belts if wanted. Children can be blinded when walking with grown up people. Blinding mostly will be no problem with Hikebeam, even people you meet. If children walk right beside you, or slightly behind, they will not be blinded. Be considerate!

Can you get Hikebeam in different colors?

From the beginning we make it in only one color. In the future time will show…

Will there be a good instruction or manual?

It will be simple and short one, with reference to all the information on www.beltlamp.com

How long time will the warranty last?

That will depend on the rules in different countries. Keep the bill, telling where and when you bought it. The warranty only concerns fault with the lamp, and does not cover normal wear and tear. All use is on your own risk. Consequential damages by accident or unintencial use is not covered. Be sure you avoid water or any liquid into the connection points, both on the lamp and the battery.

Is it dangerous to be hit by the light in the eye?

Strong light is uncomfortable and you should avoid it. It reduces the night-vision for a short time. If one just for a moment is blinded by a glimpse, it will normally not harm you, not more than a glimpse from other light-sources. With Hikebeam you have the best opportunity to avoid it.

Is it possible to buy spare-batteries as a supplement for long trips?

Yes. That is possible, and we will recommend to have sufficient amount for the actual need. Batteries have reduced effect in cold weather. The standard battery has 80% effect by -10°C. The capacity of the standard powerbank  is 5.000 mAh. You can purchase another alternative with 10.000 mAh, intended for arctic temperatures. It has 80% capasity at -20°C.

Can Hikebeam be used for biking?

Probably people will consider it differently. An arrangement for bicycle will come. We suppose that it will be good!

Are there different levels of light strength on the Hikebeam lamp?

Yes, 6 levels: By pressing the switch you change like this: 1) Mainlamp weak. 2) Mainlamp stronger 3) Mainlamp full strength (400 lumens), 4) Mainlamp medium strength + Widebeam™ full strength (sidelamps 100 lumens each), 5) Mainlight + Widebeam™ weaker, 6) Widebeam™ only, weakest, OFF: Press again or hold the switch for 2-3 sec.

The relative light effect is larger than on headlamps because it is closer to the ground, and as well has a reflecting shed.

Which accessories follows when buying a Hikebeam lamp?

Except of the lamp, you get a powerbank, cable, a protection cap, a belt and a pouch for the powerbank, that can be fastened to a belt. It will be possible to buy spare batteries and cable.

Can the lamp cause fire?

No, not by intended use. The surface can become a little warm by full strength. Because of that you should avoid the lamp to be covered with bedclothes, other clothes or paper etc. by indoors use.

Are there any price-reduction if a family or other group want to buy many lamps?

There is no regular arrangement for that.

Can Hikebeam be transported on a plane?

That should be no problem for one or a few lamps.

In what connections can Hikebeam be used?

By any walk in forest and field, in arctic areas or in a desert, in mountains and along a trail, as well as inside a tent og cabin. By work in darkness with firewood, raising a tent, in a cave etc., by supervision of a property or animals, or other activities in the dark. Probably there are few connections where Hikebeam is not suitable. But in fact we will recommend usual headlamp when working with a car-engine, climbing vertical mountains and in some other special connections.

Doesn't Hikebeam look a little strange?

At first time, may be. But the improvement of the lighting for sure makes that of no interest, and at least one quikly get used to it. And anyway it is meant for use in darkness.

Is there one good reason that one should buy a Hikebeam lamp.

No, sorry! There are MANY good reasons for this! You find them under ADVANTAGES on this website.