A lamp with a new design and unique illumination.

Hikebeam from Beltlamp AS has a lot of advantages for people who have an active life when it is dark. Hikebeam 400 is a lamp with a totally new design, that you easy and comfortably can put on the buckle of a belt. Because it then is closer to the ground, the lamp gives better effect and lights up the whole area around you, from the feet onwards. You also get a three dimentional effect that make you see the details in the terrain much clearer, and without usual distubances from rain, fog, snow or breath e.g.

Hikebeam has a reflecting «shade» that makes the ground illuminated stronger and continously from the feet, also to the sides, and far ahead. The shade at the same time makes you avoid dazzling people you walk together with, or people you meet. Hikebeam also has a possibility for Widebeam, illumination 180 degrees to both sides. The lamp works very well as a torch, or as a spotlight/working light, and can also hang in a line. It has many other advantages, it does not ruin any hairdo.

Can be used in many connections:

HIKEBEAM® 400 can be used for short and long hikes and for many kind of work, in the tropics and in arctic areas, on a beach or in the mountains, in a forest or a desert, with and without a track, in caves and mines. It can be used in any age, by all who want to see well in the dark, in a comfortable way. Hikebeam can be used in shorts or a polar suit. You can use it alone or with friends and family, just for a short or a long walk, for hunting and fishing, for search and rescue – by any activity when it is dark, also in a tent or a cabin. You just put the attached belt (or another one) outside your jacket, and fasten the lamp on it. Hikebeam 400 has obvious advantages when you walk. Many people also prefer it for running and skiing. The beltlamp works for about an hour on full strength with the internal battery, but can be used connnected to an attached powerbank (5000 mAh, 100 g, USB) that gives you more than 6 hours with bright light. You can fasten the powerbank to the belt or have it in a pocket. With several as a spare, you can have close to unlimited power, and for the mobile as well. We recommend charging the lamp from the powerbank. And the powerbank from any power source (USB).


Normal use of Hikebeam will increase safety by outdoor life in the dark. Things you wear or carry can hurt someone, e.g. by falling, or if things are thrown and hit unintended. We therefor recommend not to use the lamp in case of «friendly fighting» or other activity with special danger. All use of the lamp is on your own risk. Let it be used only as intended and recommended. The lamp can bear any wheather condition when used as recommended (IPX4). (Care for correct sealing, as you close the windows on a car before washing it.)

You should always listen to good advices for safe outdoor life. Consider your own capasity and equipment, compared with weather conditions, the length of your hike and the terrain you will be in.

Complaints / guarantee

We hope you will be a satisfied user of your Hikebeam from Beltlamp AS for many years. Use the lamp as intended and recommended. In case of complaint because of fault by the product, contact the company where it was purchased. If bought from our online store, contact: shop@beltlamp.com We will do our best to help you if problems should arise. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, nor damages or consequential damages by accident or unintential use. Be sure that you avoid water/liquid into the connection points, neither on the lamp nor the battery. Never demolish or open the lamp. Keep the bill! Warranty liabilities concerns faults by the product, according to the rules in the country where it is purchased.