Hikebeam Beltlamp, Complete Package

HIKEBEAM from Beltlamp AS. A completely new lamp with unique properties. Power bank, belt etc. included.

kr 1.795,00 kr 1.550,00

A lamp with a totally new and improved design.

Hikebeam® is a lamp with a totally new design. It can easily and comfortably be fastened on any ordinary belt. Because it´s closer to the ground, it gives better effect and lights up the whole area around you. You get a three-dimensional illumination, so that you can see the details in the terrain much more clearly, without the usual disturbances from mist, snow, breath etc.

Hikebeam® by Beltlamp also has a reflecting shade that enhances the luminosity and illuminates the ground continuously from the feet onwards. The shade also keeps you from blinding others walking together with you and people you meet. Hikebeam® allows for Widebeam™, with a 180° beam of light, and can be put on the ground as a spotlight or be hung on a cable! It has many other advantages. For example, it will not spoil your hairdo!

Can be used in all kind of situations:

HIKEBEAM® 400 can be used when hiking or at work, in the tropics or the arctic, at the beach or in the mountains, in the woods or in the desert, on the road or on the trail, as well as in caves and mines. It can be used by young and old alike – by anyone who want to see well in darkness, in a comfortable way! Hikebeam® can be used with shorts or a polar suit. It can be used alone or with family and friends, when hunting and fishing, on search and rescue missions – in all kinds of activity when it is dark. If you wear a belt with your trousers, you can fasten it there, or you can use the enclosed belt.

Hikebeam® by Beltlamp has many advantages when walking. For joggers and skiers it will also be a better alternative than other lamps.

Hikebeam® can work for a short time with the internal rechargeable battery. Enclosed is also a long lasting external powerbank. You can have it in a pouch on the belt, or keep it in a pocket or a sack. You can buy spare batteries for long walks. They can be charged by any power source with a USB-connection. This will allow for almost unlimited operation.

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